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Bonney Brown – Creating a No Kill Community

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Bonney Brown

Bonney Brown, the Executive Director for The Nevada Humane Society, is showing the world just how possible creating a No Kill Animal Shelter is.  The No Kill movement seeks to unite private shelters and animal control agencies in a partnership to end the killing of savable homeless pets through spay/neuter, adoption, foster care, working with rescue groups and the use of volunteers. Since Bonney took the reins at the animal shelter in 2007, she has hit the ground running.  Through creative adoptions, community outreach and education, and hard work, Bonney’s first year produced an increase in adoptions of 50 percent.  But the growth hasn’t leveled off, adoption rates have continued to grow at a steady 5 to 6 percent per year since.

What I’ve found to be the most inspiring about Bonney, is not only her success rate, but her passion for the cause.  She is changing the way animal shelters operate and how they are perceived among the community.  In addition to her creative adoptions, she has designed a shelter that is inviting and fosters a loving environment for the homeless pets awaiting their adoption. The shelter is designed to look more like a home than a concrete building with rows of animal crates.  The dog pins have beds and blankets, with an play pin which allows them to go outside when the weather is nice.  The cats have “cat colonies” which resemble a living room; couch an all! The hours of operation has even been lengthened  to allow for the possible adopters who work the typical 8-5 job.  So the shelter now stays open till 6:30 pm and has extended hours on weekends.  They’re even open on holidays!

Bonney Brown has done an incredible job, not only creating a no kill shelter but also challenging the community iRedemptionn her efforts.  The Nevada Humane Society has partnered with the Washoe County Animal Services, SPCA, Wyllie Animal Rescue Foundation, and Pet Network to ensure a a safe community for homeless pets.  In fact, the book Redemption – The Myth of Pet Overpopulation and The No Kill Revolution In America, has recently printed a newer edition that recognizes the success Bonney Brown and the Nevada Humane Society has achieved.  Providing with hard work and dedication to the cause, a no kill community is possible regardless what others may say.

Bonney Brown has challenged the norm and is setting the No Kill standard across the States.  Have you adopted from an Animal Shelter in your community?

Photo Credit – Bonney Brown
Photo Credit – Redemption


Author: Brooklyn Joiner

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