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Camie Craig – The Health Movement

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Camie Cragg of Camie Cragg Fitness trainer-cam-pic-3of Reno, Nevada is changing the way you think about working out and gyms.  Her gym is clean, inviting and caters to the needs of most.  Whether you are a work out fanatic or a couch potato on the path to a healthy lifestyle, you’ll find Camie Cragg Fitness a refreshing choice to area gyms.  Why? Because of the culture she has created.  Anyone can open a gym but it takes passion, dedication, and a drive to help others’ to succeed in their fitness goals.

The gym has equipment for the weight lifter to the beginner.  But what really makes you want to achieve your goals at Camie Cragg Fitness is the home like feeling.  The gym has showers, a powder room, kitchen and even a lounge area.  But what’s fabulous is the Wall of Achievements.  It’s a chalkboard that tracks weight loss of individuals who want to be part of the gym’s huge loss competition.  It even includes words for motivation! And for those weight lift competitors, there is a special spot for you too.  Camie Cragg Fitness also has a weight lifting competition team, training to get in shape for MMA, and rockstar runner training.

bbWhat I found to be the most inspiring about Camie is her passion for fitness and health while giving back to her community.  In October, she hosted a Breast Cancer Fundraiser which included a morning workout.  Basically, you came to the gym, did a class workout, and donated what you felt was fair with all the proceeds going to the cause. Area companies also donated items for a raffle.  It was a fabulously fun day.  Not only did it bring everyone together, but we were getting fit while having fun!

Camie Cragg is challenging the norm and the way people think about gym’s and fitness.  Shes a true leader in her industry and you would be crazy to not stop in and check it out!

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Author: Brooklyn Joiner

I am an Selection Specialist with Dennis A. Joiner and Associates focusing on Supervisory and Management Skills Assessment for Selection, Promotion and Career Development I hold a Master's in Business Administration from the University of Nevada, Reno. I am always looking for more opportunities to further my education, because I truly believe education is the foundation to ones' success. My intent is to inspire people to challenge the norm. To raise the bar in their fields. To be the best they can be, not just today, but everyday. To become leaders. Specialties: Leadership, Management, Assessment Centers and Situational Judgment Tests. Occupational specialties include all promotional ranks of law enforcement, fire and emergency services.

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  1. Highly beneficial look frontward to returning.

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