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Charlie Moore – Truckee Meadows Fire Department Leader

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“This is a significant improvement in the medical services which we can provide to the residents of Washoe County. We can now initiate advanced life support interventions in the outlying areas of the region’s core, where ambulance response times are often extended. The actions that the Board took today will inevitably save lives and positively impact everyone in need of emergency medical services.” – Charlie Moore

Fire Chief for Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District, Charlies Moore, is the leader inspiring all the employees to achieve greatness for the department.  Not only did Charlie Moore contribute to the successful transition and stand up of Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District (consolidation from City of Reno and merging with Sierra Fire) the department achieved a huge milestone when the Fire Commissioners approved turning all fire stations into ALS.  Which means each station will now be able to provide paramedic level care to the injured.

As the department prepares for the next fiscal year, Chief Moore has high hopes.  The department remains financially sound and the new budget includes allocations for further improvements within the district.  Within the next few months, the remaining seven stations will be transferred over to ALS.  The Mogul station will break ground sometime this fiscal year which will provide better response times to the Caughlin Ranch area.  All in all the department is doing its best to provide the best possible care to its citizens.

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Author: Brooklyn Joiner

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