Inspiring people to Challenge the Norm

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The Importance of Failure

“Failure does not mean defeat; to succeed you must fail first”

You may look at this quote and write it off with all the other quotes you’ve heard.  But the individuals, who truly appreciate it, are the ones who know the harsh reality behind its meaning. Challenging the norm is about greatness, the ones who are putting 110% effort into their passion. The people who are achieving success know failure is part of the equation.  In reality, if you haven’t failed and had struggles along the way, you probably haven’t achieved your optimum success.  These failures allow you to appreciate success when you achieve it.  If success was easy, everyone would be doing it.

But success isn’t easy.  It takes people who are passionate, hardworking and unwilling to give up.  They defy the odds and challenge the norm when others believe it can’t be done. Along with success, comes this indescribable phenomenon.  When someone achieves greatness they often feel a sense of accomplishment, but what is underestimated is the rippling affect this accomplishment creates.  In essence, the achievement becomes a tool for inspiration.

Furthermore, creating this competitiveness within oneself, the concept of if “he can do it, I can do it”.  Peoples achievements may inspire one or millions.  But without a doubt, it will inspire people to achieve greatness.  I can’t tell you why, but it does.  I’ve seen it time and time again.

The ones who are successful will tell you there was something along the way that kept them going.  Whether it was a mentor, quote or a story they’ve heard, something inspired them to not give up when times got tough.  When times get tough and you consider giving up, remember you’re not just doing it for yourself.  You’re doing it for all the people you will inspire along the way.  You may not realize the impact you are having on friends, family, and coworkers, but you are inspiring them to challenge the norm, also.

What tools have you used to keep the fire going? Please share them with us in a comment below.