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Gordon Graham – Risk Management and the Fire Service


Gordon Graham is one of those individuals whose strong passion for improving his industry creates a group of followers.  In 1973, Gordon Graham started his career as a Police Officer for the State Patrol in California. After putting himself through law school, he opened the Law Offices of Gordan Graham in 1982.  As his career developed, he became aware of the lack of training systems and programs implemented in the Police Service.

So with his passion for risk management, law, and keeping our police officers safe, he developed a programed called 6 Minutes for Safety. The program required each officer at the beginning of their shift to spend 6 minutes on safety to an item that pertained to their duties that day.  Each day the safety bulletin would reflect a job task which would be completed that day.   As the program took off, Graham received recognition for reducing injuries and deaths on the job.

The leadership Graham displayed didn’t just stop with the police service, in 2000 Gordan Graham co-founded which provides safety bulletins, discussion on close calls, and various other training and safety topics.  The website now receives over seven million hits a month.  Departments across the United States are implementing 6 minutes of safety for their police and fire personnel.  The departments who have implemented safety bulletins and standardized policies are seeing exponential decreases in on the job injuries and deaths.

Through his leadership and passion for the cause, Gordon Graham is changing the world and helping individuals on the line of duty stay safe.   Interested in risk management and what steps you can take to improve your processes? Contact Gordon Graham for consulting or conferences close to you.

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