Inspiring people to Challenge the Norm

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The Power Behind the Play

“If you had 25 million dollars, what would you do?  The real question is: If you had nothing, what would you do?”

Mike Micone defied all odds.  Ever since he was young, people have been telling him what he couldn’t do.  No one believed in his opportunities to achieve greatness.  Well, he has proven them all wrong.

Mike has built a successful career and recently launched a new recruitment business based out of Las Vegas, NV.  Mike has taken recruitment to a new level of greatness.  His company, Advanced Network Information, also known as ANI, helps employers find talented employees. But it’s his ability to find “the perfect fit” for employers, which truly is remarkable. Why has he excelled when no one believed he could?

Because of his passion.  Mike attributes his success to ‘the fire within’.  This internal competitiveness is what he believes to be the true ingredient to success.   Yes, hard work and determination also play a factor, but it comes down to how bad you want it.  Mike’s story is one that inspires you.  He built a successful business from nothing and then sold it for millions. The second business didn’t go as planned.  His business partner broke his neck in an accident and ended up losing everything.  But they persevered.  Together, Hussongs Cantina was launched in Las Vegas, NV with a second location coming to Reno, NV in April 2013.  At the same time, Mike continues to follow his passion for recruitment and opened ANI.  Mike has never given up.  When he lost everything, he could’ve walked away.  But he didn’t.  He said this isn’t how the story is going to end, and came back stronger than ever.

Mike Micone is one of those people that just inspires you.  His fire is contagious.  He challenged the norm and now was a successful career to show for it.

Mike’s words of advice: Find your passion, master it, and do it better than everyone else.  Mentors are an imperative tool, use them. But most importantly, know when to ask for help.

So I challenge you to find your fire.  Are you challenging the norm?  Please share your story in a comment below.