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Brian Williams – Think Kindess

bio_headshot_brianBrian Williams is the founder of the non profit organization, Think Kindness. Brian is inspiring thousands of youth across the nation to incorporate Kindness into their daily lives and future careers. He has designed elementary, middle, high school, and corporate programs all based on inspiring individuals to change the world through seemingly small acts of kindness. To date, Brian has documented more than 250,000 Acts of Kindness, he has spoken to over 75,000 students, and received the Thornton Peace Prize. Each one of the 250,000 acts of kindness documented by the organization is making a huge impact in the community and the lives of those involved.  The goal is to achieve 1,000,000 acts of kindness, but he has no intention of stopping there.

Brian Williams wants to not only make a difference in his community but he wants to make a difference in the world.  The Think Kindness crew is raising money to purchase life straws which are straws that filter water into drinkable water as you sip through the straw. The straws filter 99.99% percent of bacteria out of water up to 1,000L.  And only cost $5.00 per straw.  Along with raising funds to purchase life straws for the children in Kenya, the team is in the process of collecting shoes for their next trip.  Brian is an incredible leader, who is inspiring those around him to join his Kindness Crew to make a difference in today’s world.

But his drive to change the world is having a rippling effect.  The random acts of kindness are morphing into even more acts of kindness.  When an individual has a stranger or a friend do something nice for them, whether it be opening a door or buying them a coffee, they are finding themselves wanting to repay the gesture to another.

How can you help Brian spread the kindness concept? Sponsor a Kindness Camp, purchase life straws, travel with the team to Kenya, or donate to the organization.

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